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Reservation Policy

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

The Canyons Boutique Hotel a small, independent property, we ask for your understanding in respecting our cancellation, change and no-show policy. Please read carefully. If you must change, shorten or cancel your reservation, do so within the time frame indicated below for a full refund minus the specified change/cancellation fee (per room). If a reservation is cancelled or shortened after the cancellation period expires, the guest is responsible for full payment of the original reservation unless the room(s) is re-booked. Changes or cancellations must be made via phone or by email, and you must receive a confirmation email from The Canyons Boutique Hotel . There are no refunds for early departure. 

Inclement Weather Policy: Kanab is lucky to enjoy over 260 sunny days per year!! Please understand that we cannot be responsible for inclement weather or other causes for delays and cancellations at your point of origin or the locations you may connect through when traveling to visit us. We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance if you are traveling during periods of inclement weather or you have other reasons to suspect you may need to cancel your reservation. We thank you for your understanding! 

Re-booking Policy: If you cancel your reservation after the cancellation period expires, we will attempt to re-book your room as a courtesy to you. If your room is re-booked at the published rate, you will be charged the applicable change/cancellation fee noted below. If your room does not re-book, you are responsible for full payment of the original reservation.

Cancellation periods and fees

  • Standard reservation: $15 change/cancellation fee per room if reservation is shortened, changed or canceled at any time up to 3 days prior to arrival. If less than 3 days prior to arrival, you are financially responsible for the full reservation unless room is re-booked (see re-booking policy, above). 

Dog Friendly Policy

We welcome dog sleepovers from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (complimentary) and your dog. Dogs are allowed in designated rooms and the Dog Friendly Policy is as follows: (Sorry - we don't allow cats)

  • Dogs must be well socialized around people and other dogs, all dogs must be on a monthly flea preventive.
  • Dogs must be fully housebroken and must be kept on a non retractable leash at all times when outside of the motel room.
  • Dogs must be crated any time they are left unattended (crate not provided).
  • All dogs must be up to date on immunizations; make sure to bring a copy of shot records.
  • You must clean up after your dog inside and outside and dogs cannot be leashed/attached to the outdoor furniture.
  • If your dog causes damage, you are fully responsible for cleaning fee, repair and/or replacement.
  • ONLY ONE DOG PER ROOM. (Please call us for exceptions)
  • A $20 per dog fee, per night applies. Animals in a dog free room will be charged a cleaning fee of $100.
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